The Lowell app now comes with free credit scoring

Posted by: Lowell|October 12 2021


At Lowell, we want it to be simple and affordable for our customers to become free from problem debt. With the introduction of our new app, we’ve already started helping customers understand their financial position and how to better manage their credit.

Since our app launched, the team hasn’t stopped working and we’re excited to announce that Version 2.0 is now live!

Making Lowell a brand everyone can trust

With the app proving popular, over 2000 of our customers have already downloaded and started to use the app to:

  • manage their accounts
  • set up payment plans
  • make one off payments
  • use our budget calculator

Customer experience is at the heart of what we do and it’s great to see how, in just a few short months, our app is supporting our customers and putting them in control. But, we want to do more!

V2.0 introducing credit scoring

We already have a strong partnership with TransUnion, one of the leading credit reference agencies, but we’ve been working together to provide our customers FREE access to their personal credit score via our app.

Offering customers the option of using this tool, means we can help put them in control of their finances. We’re providing them with information to help them understand their credit score, what factors might be impacting their score results and how they might go about improving their score.

How does it work?

  • The score is calculated by TransUnion, one of the UK’s major credit reference agencies
  • The Credit score (range 0-710) is calculated by TransUnion
  • If a customer no longer wants to view their credit score, we’ve made it easy to opt out. They just need to use the link on the credit score screen on the app to unsubscribe from the service

What does it look like?

To help bring to life what customers will see when they opt in, view the demo video below…