Since 2004 we’ve helped our clients increase cash flows, improve their collections and protect their brands. We’ve achieved this by using a powerful combination of commercial flexibility, data-driven insight and a variety of innovative solutions tailored to meet their exact requirements.

Our position at the forefront of the UK debt sale and collections sector gives us unrivalled experience in helping our clients address a wide range of financial and operational challenges.

Cost efficiencies

Every client we work with has cost reduction as a key business goal and improving operational efficiencies is a very important contributor to achieving that. Some of the key challenges that we help our clients to address are rising collections costs, competing investment priorities and increasing regulatory requirements.

Very often collections strategies are poorly defined or understood and many teams are using invalid, incorrect or poor quality customer data. Manual processing and process duplication are also prevalent and systems are poorly integrated. These factors combine to hamper both efficiency and insight.

Cash flow improvement

A healthy cash flow is very important in every business and getting cash into the organisation as early as possible can be a critical success factor. Selling debt earlier in the collections cycle can provide typical price premiums of 12%, whilst delivering an enhanced customer experience.

Many organisations that we support are also trying to deal with a lack of collections resources and an earlier provisioning requirement.

Delivering a positive customer experience

Ensuring consistent customer management and treating customers fairly, and with respect, is key to delivering a positive customer experience and protecting brand reputation.

Typical pressures that our clients need help with include: identifying and dealing with vulnerable customers; building a customer-centric understanding at an individual level; misalignment of collections approach with front-end customer management; failure to address complaints in a timely manner; and a lack of training for frontline staff.

Remaining compliant

From a reputational and operational standpoint, it’s important that every aspect of your collections process, either directly or via your partners, is aligned to the ever-changing regulatory landscape. We often see clients struggling to manage vulnerable customers appropriately and ensuring that they have the requisite processes and training in place to consistently treat their customers fairly. Failure to address these challenges effectively can lead to an increase in customer complaints and disputes which in turn puts pressure on operational processes.

What advice would you give businesses seeking to sell their debt?

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