We have been at the forefront of helping the financial services sector deliver high-quality customer experience, whilst enabling the release and redeployment of capital for over a decade. Combining our comprehensive sector knowledge and experience we provide a range of proven debt-related solutions, including debt purchasing, servicing and data enhancement. 

Like many in the sector, we are excited about the opportunity that open banking could provide in delivering the best outcome for customers in difficulty with complete flexibility based on their own circumstances.

We recognise the importance of ensuring the customer journey is consistent through the lifetime of the account, up to and beyond the traditional collections and recovery cycle. Clients can be confident that working with Lowell will offer their customers the best outcome for their current situation.

Case study: Automating pre-cleanse to improve operational efficiency

This case study details how we worked in partnership with our client to help reduce recourse by identifying accounts that may not be eligible for sale through an account pre-cleanse process.

Case study: Enhancing customer contact success

This case study details how we helped our client to improve their telephone number quality and ultimately enhance customer contact success.



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