Q & A with Samantha Barnard, Lowell’s new Client Experience Director

Posted by: Lowell|April 29 2020


Having worked for Lowell for almost 12 years in various client-centric roles, Sam recently accepted the new role of UK Client Experience Director.

Tell us about your new role.
It’s very exciting! If I could have designed a role based around my passion and strengths, this would be it. Developing partnerships is where I thrive, so using my strong relationships with clients, and my extensive network of people across Lowell, gives me the opportunity to ensure our clients receive the best experience.

How does your role fit with Lowell’s strategic priorities?
The Client Experience Director role has been created to support one of our strategic priorities, which is to enhance how the whole company engages with our clients. It’s really encouraging to see our clients now being focused on by the whole company. We are committed to ensuring that we deliver on our promises and meet our clients’ requirements and I will be closely monitoring how we are all performing. By doing this we will build stronger relationships and deliver success to both our clients and Lowell.

What are the main activities you intend to focus on in the first 6 months?
My key focus will be reviewing, thoroughly understanding and acting on the results from the recent Client Satisfaction Survey. The results overall were good, but I want them to be outstanding. I’ve developed a roadmap of improvements and I will be working closely with my colleagues across the business to make sure that what we are doing will continue to delight our clients.

How will your role benefit our customers and clients?
Lowell’s purpose is to make credit work better for all. This includes seeking the best outcomes for customers and clients. In our recent Client Satisfaction Survey, the highest priority for our clients was “doing the right things for customers” so the two go hand in hand. If I ensure that we are demonstrating how we are supporting our customers and servicing our clients effectively, everyone ultimately benefits. I will also be working across the company to improve client facing processes and making Lowell an easy company to do business with.

How will you measure success?
Feedback – it’s the food of champions! There are a set of key performance indicators that I’ll be tracking and these will be fed by continuous client feedback. As well as our regular, formal meetings with clients I’m also just as keen to receive ad hoc comments, as these can be very useful as well. We’ll also be re-running our client satisfaction survey every year so that we can measure the progress that we are making.

What do you think you bring to the role?
My experience and my unwavering passion to do the right thing for our clients and customers. Happy clients, happy customers, happy Sam!

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