Lowell and TransUnion, supporting customers to improve their financial health

Posted by: Lowell|October 27 2022



Did you know that 23% of consumers don't think that understanding their credit score is important, and 37% of consumers never check their score? ¹

As our customers continue to navigate cost of living increases it becomes ever more important to us to support them with managing their problem debt, so that we can help improve their financial wellbeing and enable them to make informed financial decisions.

This time last year we partnered with global insights firm TransUnion to launch free credit scoring functionality within the Lowell app. Our goal was to help our customers understand their credit score and the impact that it has on their financial health.

Over the past 12 months we’ve been working hard to improve customer experience and refine the customer journey on our app, so much so that we continue to see high volumes of customers downloading and registering on the Lowell app each month.

In our latest vlog our UK Marketing Director Neil Costello and TransUnion’s Managing Director for Consumer Interactive Kelli Fielding catch up to discuss how our app is supporting our customers one year on, and how our partnership with TransUnion is helping our customers improve their financial health.

Powered by TransUnion’s CreditView platform, Lowell's Credit Information Services are available to all customers via the Lowell app on mobile and tablet devices for free, giving customers a clear understanding of what their credit score means, as well as how to take steps to improve it if necessary.

Lowell specialises in the management of customers in arrears - adopting a balanced, customer centric approach to resolution. If you'd like to understand more about how Lowell can support your organisation contact our client team.

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